The artwork is two-folded and situated on the north and south corner of the new Eviva building facade. It creates a visual and formal connection between the newly established Eviva community with the adjacent Denver Arts District and its cultural agenda. The artwork is fabricated ouf of hundreds of unique and individual CNC cut aluminum pieces. 

The project specifically engages with architectural elements such as the corner and the facade. Composed out of hundreds of unique and individual elements, the plume-alike 
compositions form an abstract landscape of geometries which perform several tasks.
They act as an ornament to the building, they communicate between the audience and its
architectural context and they play magic tricks by producing OP art a-like effects.

Bloom represents the mobility and dynamic nature of the Golden Triangle community, a neighbourhood that provides the City of Denver with a center for its cultural development.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu, David Moore, Daniela Leon
Structural Engineering: YetiWeurks, Nick Geurts
Fabrication and Installation: Demiurge
Client: City of Denver
Location: Denver Arts DIstrict, CO
Photography: Keenan Hock
Date: 2017
Status: Completed