The project is titled 'Distortion’ and located within the atrium space of the City of Cedar Rapids U.S. Cellular Convention Center. The concept for the art piece is based on visual effects of reflection and geometrical interference of distorted surfaces.

Initially conceived as a visual ornament, the installation now acts as a focus point directing the audience towards the entrance of the auditorium while performing as an informal meeting point and temporary event location at the Box Office Wall.

The abstract artwork is developed as a contrast to the architecture of the building introducing a visual focus point the space. The sculpture is presented as a distorted field condition within a 3dimensional matrix of extrusion. The colorful pattern distributed within the field allows for multiple readings and a playful ambiguity between surface, overlay and visual perception.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu
Consultants: Nous Engineering
Fabrication: Demiurge LLC
Photography: AJ Brown Photography
Date: 2013
Client: City of Cedar Rapids
Location: U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, IA
Status: Completed