The art work is named ‘Foundation. For this site specific art piece, we have been inspired by the Lee Hall III interior, its architecture, its elements, its occupants and creative output by the students who occupy the building. Our project aims to incorporate these site specific components and represent them within a new framework.

The installation consists of two formations, the visual and physical extension of the roof form on the wall as a 3Dimensional reading of the building, as well as unique and custom folded golden structures which are a reference to the geometry and pattern of the existing building as well as the techniques used by students during their academic studies.

The patterns are borrowed by all of the geometric elements of the space: the corrugation of the ceiling, the circular donuts of the aperture, the triangular wedge of the space. We are getting each of these forms to work with each other in new ways. We also introduced a complex pattern of openings on the surface which will produce playful shadows on itself and the ground.

Design: VA | DESIGN & Matthew Au
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu, Matthew Au, David Moore, Austin Anderson
Structural Engineering: Base 91
Photography: Clemson University Photo Services
Client: Clemson University
Location: Lee Hall III, Clemson, SC
Date: 2018
Status: Completed