‘Islands’ is inspired by the historic transition of five natural islands (Noodles, Hogg, Apple, Bird and Governors Island) into a manufactured peninsula in the early 20th Century which is now known to us as East Boston. The artwork visualizes the ‘lost’ islands as a historic reference and aims to celebrate its legacy. Each of the five structures features a frame which captures views of its surrounding natural and urban context. The ‘Islands’ are fixed to pivot tubes which allow them to playfully rotate while constantly changing its state and creating new experiences for its environment.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu
Structural Engineering: LaufsED
Fabrication and Installation: Demiurge
Photography: Adam deTour
Client: Lendlease, Sunne Savage Gallery
Location: Clippership Wharf, Boston, MA
Date: 2020
Status: Completed