This commission commenced with a series of expressive analog drawings, capturing the essence of artistic gestures. Enter the realm of innovation as an AI generator meticulously sifted through these drawings, identifying patterns and recurring forms that would shape the sculpture. The transformation unfolded as these synthesized marks evolved into intricate 3D models, brought to life through the advanced capabilities of construction-scale, freeform 3D-printing robots by Branch Technology. Immerse yourself in the abstraction of this piece, where endless connections await discovery – envision rivers, branches, leaves, wings, veins, animals, and structures. The cyan tone, positioned at the convergence of blue and green, symbolizes the meeting point of land and water, the harmony of river and forest.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu, Andrew Bako
Installation and Fabrication Team: Branch Technology
Client: Alchemy Art Station
Structural Engineering: Nick Geurts
Location: Watertown, MA
Date: 2023
Photography: Adam deTour
Status: Completed