Step into the future with the Jetson project, an innovative installation housed within the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Suspended within the Tennenbaum Atrium, this design gracefully hovers above the main entrance lobby, capturing attention and sparking intrigue. Jetson’s futuristic appearance is a nod to innovation and technology, leaving a lasting impression on observers. Crafted with precision, the installation is constructed from hundreds of distinct anodized and painted aluminum shapes, drawing inspiration from the structural elegance of a monocoque airplane. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge aesthetics of Jetson, where art and technology seamlessly converge at the heart of Georgia Tech.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu, Russell Gentry, Ainsley McMaster, Derin Yilmaz, Jessica Greenstein, Matthew Au
Installation and Fabrication Team: David Moore, Heather Potts, Patricia Samartzis, Elpida Peponi, Annie Jenkins, Julie Echeverri, Ishrat Lopa, Alex Gillette, Son Vu Grace Reed, Abigail Smith, Sayuj Srivastava
Client: Georgia Institute of Technology
Consultant: Russell Gentry, Lauren Stewart, Jake Tompkins, Matthew Au
Location: Georgia Institute of Technology, Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, Atlanta, GA
Date: 2015
Photography: Patrick Heagney
Status: Completed

With kind support by the College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, George B. Johnston