Phoenix is an informal monolith that represents the upcoming and vital community of Pleasant Hill. The art work is a bold, colourful and iconic form/signifier with a central spine and populated with a series of custom aluminum branches extruding away from the center and creating an overall vertical dynamic form. Our concept is to create visual ambiguity and play with effects that are created by merging, blending, overlay, shadows and other visual parameters. With a series of individual and unique components, the artwork constantly appears in new light and transforms during the day. It is our goal that the art piece will offer a moment of thought and inspiration to its viewers and users while projection a contemporary and bright future for the Pleasant Hill community.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu, Alex Vilcu, Khorshid Azad
Installation and Fabrication Team: Demiurge Design
Client: City of Pleasant Hill
Structural Engineering: Nick Geurts
Location: Pleasant Hill , IA
Date: 2021
Photography: A.J. Brown
Status: Completed