Quill Motion

'Quill Motion' is a public art work installed at the Salt Lake Community College in Taylorsville, Utah. Located within a 4-story atrium, the project connects all building floors physically and visually through vertical extrusion. The continuous formation offers the possibility for the installation to be seen on every level while continuously creating new experiences and modes of engagements for the viewer.

The artwork is constructed out of 300 folded and painted aluminum panels. The aggregation of these multiple components and resultant dynamic motion reflects the inherent qualities and ideologies of the Humanistic Department at the College. It represents the ambiguous effort to to implement and flourish culture through an evolution of media and its vessels of communication.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu
Consultants: Nous Engineering
Fabrication: Demiurge LLC
Photography: John McCarthy
Date: 2013
Client: State of Utah
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Status: Completed