The project is titled ‘SubDivision’ and has been installed within the main atrium space of the Mathematics Department at Fenton Hall, University of Oregon in Eugene. The complex installation represents a spatial connectivity, visual effects, and a historic references of Fenton Hall's previous programmatic use.

The installation synthesizes a spatial link of levels through both visual and physical connections. The contemporary work is developed as a contrast to the architecture of the building introducing a synthetic balance. With the material choice of painted aluminum of silver and white color the project is balanced towards the interior qualities and tonality of Fenton Hall. The installation is constructed out of 550 flat tessellated sheets of aluminum. The art work forms an elegant symbiosis with the atrium and provides a strong, curios, and visually pleasing addition to the identity of Fenton Hall at the University of Oregon.

Design: VA | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu, Matthew Au
Installation Team: Matthew Au, Virginia Auduong, Collin Janke, Justin Austen, Joel Janke, Ethan Coutant
Client: Oregon Arts Commission
Consultant: Buro Happold, Chamber Constructions, Mac Industries
Location: University of Oregon, Fenton Hall, Eugene, OR
Date: 2012
Photography: Brooks Dierdorff 
Status: Completed